It’s Too Hot Out There!

Yes, live lobsters for Cubera snapper bait!

Ok, so let’s get ready for the upcoming season.

Bouncer's Tip of the Month


First take all the old line off your reels. Yes, sometimes you even need to replace braid. If you have new line on your spinning reels, then remove the spools with the line in place. Now thoroughly wash your reels with soap and water. Rinse your reels with running water, not high pressure. Next, apply grease into grease ports and remove spinning reel spools and lightly grease the shaft above and below clicker plate. If your spinning reels have side plate screws, then remove the side plate, clean out the old grease and dirt and apply new grease, then reassemble. Spray all surfaces with spray lubricant and wipe clean. Reinstall spools and fill your reels with new line. Be sure you apply generous pressure to the line during filling to assure proper seating of your line on the reel. If you find the line spongy or you can push your fingernail into the line, you will have problems if you hook a good fish.

If you use Penn conventional reels as we do, then label each reel, write notes of what each reel needs and send them to Philadelphia for a thorough cleaning and servicing. You can’t beat this method. If you are still actively fishing send a few reels at a time.

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