Tricks of the Trade

by Shawn Hayes, Fishing Fanatic

We have all heard the saying th 10 percent of the fishermen catch 90 percent of the fish. Although Im not siure of these numbers are exact, I find this statement to be true. But why is it that some guys are so consistent and others struggle?

I have found that there is no substitute for time spent on the water actually fishing and learning. It stands to reason that the guys on the water the most have the advantage and tend to know more about changes taking place below the surface.

Attention to detail and sweating the small stuff:

The guys whom are usually the most consistent are usually the guys who take the time to check their hear. Let’s face it, with  the economy and work, every minute on the water fishing is precious. Don’t waste it getting caught unprepared or making rookie mistakes.

Line: Line is probably the most important thing I can think of. This is your direct connection to the fish.

There are so many choices it can get overwhelming. A common mistake is that fishermen tend to fish with heavier line than they need. That is what your drag and a good balanced rod and reel are for.

Terminal Tackle: Terminal Tackle such as swivels, hooks and other connectors are something that should be paid attention too. The bottom line is that you get what you pay for. If you buy your hooks or swivels out of the bargain bin and they fail you, then you asked for it.
Hooks: Sharp, strong, and clean! Check your hooks before every trip and periodically while you fishing. It only takes a few minutes to check if they are sharp the night before a big trip.

I really hope this has helped to explain just some of the reasons why some guys are more consistent than others. I tend to believe it’s because they do many little things before they start fishing instead of wading through it during their actual fishing trip. A little bit of work off the water can really pay big on the water.