UCF Reel Knights Update – January

By Chris Tobalski

It’s 2018 – hopefully everyone made a New Year’s resolution that includes fishing, and more fishing! Is it time to target a new species? Is it to go out and catch a new personal best fish? Get out there and get it done – The Reel Knights are on planning some fun!

The Reel Knights only have a few events in January as everyone will be getting back into the swing of school and the start of a new semester. There will be the monthly meeting to discuss the Spring schedule and Christmas break catches. Some activities on the Spring schedule that differ from the Fall are baseball games, intermural softball, and the Reel Knights Fishing Club’s camping trip. The camping trip will be taking place towards the end of the month. This will be the second year doing the trip and it will be held once again on the St. John’s River. Last year’s trip was a great time as we fished, grilled out, and camped for the weekend. Another activity in its second year is the intermural softball team. The club puts together a team consisting of guys and girls to compete in a co-ed league at UCF. The club also supports the Knights baseball team as we heckle opposing teams while we watch games from the outfield fence. Be sure to keep up with the club on Facebook at Reel Knights at UCF, on Instagram @ucf_reelknights, and on the official club website: ucffishingclub.weebly.com.

May all those reading this have a fantastic, healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year! As always, we would like to give special thanks to Hell’s Bay Boatworks for providing the club the opportunity to have a Reel Knight’s Column and thank you to Orlando Coastal Angler Magazine for supporting the UCF Reel Knights Fishing Club!