UCF Reel Knights Update – September

By Connor Byrne

With school now open, the Fall semester is coming into full swing and with it the UCF Reel Knights are ready for another successful year. The club jumped straight into action alongside the school year with the first meeting held on August 29th. The most important goals of this meeting were to help everyone get familiar with the club members, the club’s schedule, as well as welcoming any new students who were interested in joining. Every new year comes with a few new board members. These important leaders in the club introduced themselves and gave a little background information on their roles within the club. In addition to the club leaders, the UCF bass team also introduced themselves at the meeting and gave information how to join their team along with updates on their season. Then as a club, a discussion was started to engage all members, especially new ones, in telling any interesting fishing stories that occurred during the break since the club last met.

Important highlights for the first couple weeks of September; UCF football will continue their season hosting their second and third home games at Spectrum Stadium. The first game being September 9th against Memphis and the second game being September 16th against Georgia Tech. The club hosts a tailgate at each of these games where there will be plenty of grilling and chilling out on Memory Mall before heading into the game. It is not until the end of September when club members get the opportunity to display their bass fishing skills in the first of two Bass Bank Hopper tournaments in the semester. Maybe this year someone can top the club record of 134” for the five longest Bass! Be sure to keep up with the club on Facebook at “Reel Knights at UCF”, on Instagram “@ucf_reelknights”, and on the official club website: ucffishingclub.weebly.com. As always, a special thanks to Hell’s Bay Boatworks for giving the club the opportunity to have a Reel Knights Column and thank you to Orlando Coastal Angler Magazine for supporting the UCF Reel Knights Fishing Club!