Underground Fishing League

By Michael Sorrento

It’s been seven months since the Underground Fishing League ended the season in epic fashion and the anglers of the UFL have been upgrading their gear, studying new techniques, and preparing for the 2017 season. The private fishing league continues to evolve in both size and sophistication. Each year, only one angler gets added after a thorough vetting process and we’re thrilled to introduce Tim Rowland from Philadelphia to the league. And the UFL will bringing their action on-line to their fans with the addition of a camera crew and supporting staff for the upcoming Spring Cleaning Classic in May.

Walleye and Northern Pike will be the target species for the first of the 2017 tournaments which will test our angler’s skill in landing two of the St. Lawrence River’s most fiercest predators. With little prep time the hunt will require a full arsenal of bait to get the job done. For “Sharptooth McGraw,” our anglers will lean on Cleo ¾ oz. spoons (silver & blue), Rapala shallow divers (sliver & black), and classic willow spinner baits (chartreuse). Targeting shallow grassy areas to leverage the spring span will be key. While “Ole’ Glass Eye” will demand a selection of Reef Runners, 700 Ripstick series (Chrome and Black) for shallow pursuits and #800 series (Purple Demon) for deeper waters. Walleye can get be tricky to find early spring, only the most skilled anglers will prevail. It’s going to be an amazing season; our anglers are fired up… get ready!