Using the Automatic Fisherman

While learning to ice-fish this season, I have been invited by our field experts to learn their set-ups and tactics. Along the way, I stowed 2 Automatic Fisherman in my backpack and have set them up each trip to augment my guides’ spread. They are easy to rig and set-up and I have been experiencing good action with them. I like to fish for trout, and they seem to be effective for the species. Recently I have seen an In-Fisherman TV segment where they were being utilized to target brown trout and they are prevalently used in the Midwest.

Though I am just learning how to refine my strategies with the Automatic Fisherman, I am very pleased with the product. They remind me of a downrigger on ice, and come with a high-quality ice rod and reel combo. They are easy to learn and use, and have plenty of instructional videos at  I plan to add several more Automatics to my arsenal and you should consider them too. They are offering The Angler Magazine readers a 20% discount with code Anglermag.

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