Wayne Weber‘s Tug Hill Fishing Report

(Redfield, Osceola, West Lyden, and Camden)

As I write this most of the streams on the Tug Hill are running high but have cleared and are dropping. By the time, you read this they should be prime as long as we don’t receive any large rain storms between now and then.  The West Branch of Fish Creek is almost back between its banks just outside of Williamstown. Most years there is still a good amount of snow in the woods on the hill until May.  With the early spring, we will be ahead of schedule a bit and it should mean some great fishing for the month of May.

If you are headed out in search of nice brown trout try the Camden area. The West Branch of Fish Creek holds some great fish and there is a lot of access if you do some looking around. You will be surprised by the fish you can catch right in town. Another great spot to try is Forest Park in Camden.  There is good river access in the back of the park and some really nice holes.

If it is rainbow or brook trout you are after the streams in the Redfield area will be stocked on April 26th if nothing changes.  If you don’t want stocked fish there are many great wild trout streams on Tug Hill from Redfield to Osceola to West Lyden to Camden.  However, I am not going to give up much for information on them.  Get out there and put some miles on your truck tires and boots. You will be rewarded nicely for your efforts.  Remember these are not stocked fish so keep them wet and put them back.

The East Branch of Fish Creek will be in good shape come May as well. The access at the bridge on route 46 between Osceola and West Lyden is always a good bet. In May, it’s not uncommon to catch some big smallmouth bass while trying for trout here as well.

Watch next month’s issue for more details as the season gets into full swing.