Weather and Fishing

There is usually a silver lining to situations, especially in regards to weather and fishing. Though, the winter has not produced strong and consistent ice, it has done something that I believe will be beneficial to our fishing. The cadence to this winter’s snow and rain coupled with many thaws has improved the flows of our area streams and rivers. With last summer and falls low waters, a cold winter may have caused doom to wintering trout. Instead streams are running nicely, and I have heard of several winter trout anglers having great seasons. Boaters who procrastinated putting away their boats last fall were rewarded with many prime fishing days late in the season with little fishing competition. It’s possible we need to re-evaluate when we put-away, then unwrap our boats for the season. In anticipation of an early spring, we are featuring a Spring Brown Trout article to help you start off the season with TIGHT LINES.

STEELHEAD FISHING OCCURS ON A RIVER, not in front of a computer screen. This year has brought many varying water levels on the Salmon River during steelhead season. More and more fishermen are choosing to fish only when the fishing conditions are perceived to be perfect. This isn’t how you become a Steelheader. A true Steelheader can and will find fish to hook in almost all conditions. They are experienced at many water conditions and learn from the river and the fish, not from a blog post. Don’t misunderstand me, it is important to keep posted on conditions, but that is to start the day.

The most rewarding fish that I have landed were fish that I had to work for and figure out during difficult conditions. Very often, you will look forward to nasty weather to trim your fishing competition.  Taking time to learn new spots and walk the river when conditions are slow will pay you dividends on future trips. The fish are in the river, not in your computer room or smartphone. I guess what I am saying is to get out there and fish when the time is right for you, you will be very surprised by the quality of the fishing when you learn how to fish in different conditions. You will acquire pet tactics for certain conditions and begin to be on your way to being a STEELHEADER.