What’s Biting, Where It’s Biting, and How to Catch What’s Biting

One of my favorites, the delicious Mutton Snapper is currently biting off the coast of Miami. The Mutton can be found in waters 200-500 feet deep and on a hard coral bottom. And, keep an eye out for structure or rocky patch reef. I use conventional gear with a 2-circle hook chicken rig. I bait with squid and a live bait rigged a few feet up from the weight.
Next the sport of catching a sailfish. It doesn’t get more exciting than catching this beautiful fish. It is best caught late November, December & January. Use a spread of skipping ballyhoo rigged on a circle hook and 50-pound leaders. I use a short teaser line off the transom as well. Position the ¬flat-line baits at the surface. The outrigger baits should be about 200 feet behind the closest baits, with any center rigger bait about 100 feet behind the outriggers. Fish can be found on the color changes and wrecks in 80 to 400 feet of water. Remember to slow troll when you find that good looking area. You may have to cover a large area for this exciting bite. Also, watch for the Sailfish breaching the surface and when he does drop the tip of the rod. This will slack the line and will not allow the sail to tear the hook from its mouth.


Grace Gillis
President, Lamar Loius Curry
Middle School Fishing Club