Wylie – December 2018

Cool weather has the fish turned on to  just about anything you want to catch. The fish know that winter is not far off and they are feeding up, reading themselves for cold weather. They are cold blooded creatures, so they adjust their feeding habits accordingly to the water temperature. You can have some of the best fishing days ever in November, so don’t put away your fishing gear just yet!

Bass fishing is always very good. Some of the best topwater fishing of the year can be had in November. I like a black lure in the late fall. Buzzbaits, Plopers, and propbaits are very productive.  Shallow running Crankbaits work well in creeks on shallow points and structure. I usually have two rods rigged up for this, one with a crankbait that runs less than eight feet and another that runs ten to twelve feet deep. There are other lures that will work when the water temperature starts to drop.

The crappie fishing is great. Long line trolling in the creeks can get you a limit very quick. Tight lining is another way to limit out. If I tight line I usually stay in deep water on break lines on the main lake. Shooting docks always produces a few slabs. Which ever way you choose to fish, you will surely catch some fish.

Catfishing is good. We catch a lot of big catfish during November. We troll using cutbaits and run about .5 MPH for our troll speed.

White perch fishing is a lot of fun too, trolling two hook minnow rigs. They stay in 20+ feet of water. Use your side imaging to locate them. You can catch some big perch doing this.

A lot of fishermen are hunters, so there should be less pressure on the lake during this time. The lake has a low traffic volume when cold weather sets in, near the end of the month. Sometimes you have the lake to yourself, especially through the weekdays. Please take a kid fishing and wear your lifejacket.

Jerry Neeley
Carolina’s Fishing Guide Services