Wylie – September 2018

August is a month that you can catch a lot of fish. Toward the end of the month the boat traffic slows down. School starts, so that only leaves the weekend with heavy boat traffic.

The crappie fishing is very good after the full moon. They move up to the docks and brushpile in big numbers. Shooting docks can be a thrill of a lifetime. I target docks with at least 10-12 feet of water using a 1/32 jig with 4 pound test line. Sometimes the bridge pillings will also hold crappie. Trolling is still slow.

Catfishing is good as it gets in August for channel cats. The mouth of creeks and flats on main lake is your best bet. The blue catfish hang out in the same places. I use cutbaits and drift at .5 MPH. If by chance the weather gets cool and we have a lot of rain, fish creek channels.

Bass fishing is fair using topwater early and late. Pop-r’s, buzzbaits and prop baits works well. Up in the day you can c-rig with a creature baits on main lake points and docks. Sometimes shakey head fishing around creek docks will produce some bass. Remember that schooling bass can be a lot of fun. just watch for them to break the surface at the mouths of creeks and other places such as main lake flats.

White Perch fishing is great on points or near creek mouths in depths of 15-25 feet using a sabaki rig or use a two hook minnow rig. Drag it just off bottom.

Fall is just around the corner. Cooler weather always gets the bite going. Stay safe and wear your life jackets.

Jerry Neeley
Carolina’s Fishing Guide Service