Tampa Bay

As water temps start to climb different species are moving into the bay and back from the rivers as the bait will be moving back on to the flats.
The Snook bite has been really good and should stay consistent on live bait and artificial. They are very hungry and need to fatten up for the summer spawn. The new Gill Reaper swimbaits in a white or mullet pattern is a good artificial bait choice throwing around structure and fast moving current.
Sheepshead are still in good numbers throughout the bay near reefs, bridges, docks and seawalls feeding on shrimp and fiddler crabs.
We’re starting to see smaller schools of Redfish on the flats. As the bait gets thicker on the flats larger schools will start showing up. The fish will be skittish for the first month or so and then will be feasting the chum.
Submitted By: Capt. Shawn Raulerson
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