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Diving & Spearfishing

Lionfish Panhandle Pilot Program Ends May 19th

Panhandle hunters only have until May 19 to compete in the Panhandle Pilot Program. This removal incentive program rewards divers for harvesting lionfish.March 22, 2017


West End International Boat Races Kick Off April 21

Event organizers are planning for the inaugural West End International race day which is to be had April 22 and 23 at West End Village.March 13, 2017

The Changing Face of the Indian River Lagoon Estuary

Improving conditions in our estuaries are nothing more than Nature giving us a few minutes to catch our breath before the inevitable round ahead.March 24, 2017


Trolling The Drops Of The Virgin Islands

Stretching 500 miles across the northern side of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rico Trench is the deepest in the Atlantic Ocean. March 22, 2017