Spool partially filled with mono, left, and remainder filled with braid.
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Save Your Money When Spooling Up With Braid

Braided line provides anglers with a very direct connection to the fish.  No stretch, high strength and small diameter are … 38
Tricky and I on a recent trip to Lake Seminole.
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A Fishing Story: Tricky & I

As a young man, I befriended a gentleman that was known in the local fishing community there as “Tricky.” My … 246
Panama City Editorial, Panama City Pro's Corner

Penetration and Hook Selection

The word “penetrate” means to pierce or pass into or through. Why should this simple concept be of such importance … 64
Porter Lake
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Porter Lake

Just a short drive north of Panama City, you’ll find a real gem of a lake that reminds me so … 101
Panama City Editorial

No Triggerfish for You !

I’m not typically one to “buck the system,” but this call by the feds and the state to ban the … 171
Sunset Coastal Grill
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Visit Port St. Joe’s Sunset Coastal Grill

Hey guys, do you want to score big points with your wife or girlfriend? Take her to the Sunset Coastal … 274
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I’m a Cobia-holic

Cobia is my favorite fish to pursue. I’m devoted to cobia fishing so much, I named my dog Cobia. Fishing for these awesome fish is a mixture of fishing and hunting. The fishing is dynamic. The lows are long periods of nothingness or heartbreak break-offs, and the best high is in the anticipation. 201
Panama City Editorial

The Menhaden – A Prime Summer Bait

Menhaden, pogies, bunker, alewife, or herring - whatever you call them, they make excellent bait for most any large fish that a Florida angler might want to catch. 312

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