Abaco Dive Forecast – April 2011

Flame scallop, one of the colorful creatures that reside in the crack and crevices of the reef. Photo credit: Keith Rogers.

April is here and as the air and sea temperatures continue to increase, so do the number of divers and snorkelers. Warm daily temperatures are moderated at night by cool breezes off the ocean. Air temperatures range from 81 degrees during the day to 69 degrees at night. The average water temperature is 78 degrees. Visibility at this time of year generally exceeds 100 feet. And there is little, if any, current. Since the water is warmer, our relatively shallow depths provide an hour or more of bottom time without getting chilled. And if you are lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of a manta ray of two on their northward migration. All of these “aqua factors,” including the low chance of rain, make April pretty close to the perfect time of year to visit Abaco and dive on the third longest barrier reef in the world.

April 18 will bring us the “full pink” moon, the first full moon of spring, which is an excellent time for a night dive. Begin your visit diving under the light of the full moon and end it by celebrating Easter on the 24th. Although sea turtles don’t exactly hibernate, we do see more of them this time of the year and we look forward to sharing these magnificent creatures with you!

Forecast by: Keith Rogers, DIVE ABACO!
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