Abaco Dive Forecast – August 2012

Abaco diver immersed in silversides. PHOTO CREDIT: DIVE ABACO!

August in Abaco—and more great summer weather. Air temperature is ranging from 76 °F at night to 88 °F during the day, plus humidity—nature’s own skin quencher. We continue to enjoy very calm seas for extended periods of time with light variable winds. Water temperature around Abaco is in the mid-80’s and visibility is spectacular, literally 100 feet plus. Marine life is plentiful, an underwater photographer’s delight. Eagle rays, turtles, sharks and moray eels have been frequent and common sightings. The swim-throughs are filled with immense populations of silversides and glassy sweepers, both thrilling and awesome!

Shark observation dives have been very popular. These dives have evolved from an amazing experience into a true learning encounter for divers to observe sharks in their natural environment, and to become involved in conservation efforts to protect them. Sharks, along with rays, are the most graceful of sea creatures to watch, and protecting them elsewhere like they are in the Bahamas can only lead to a healthier environment and more abundant marine life to enjoy. At DIVE ABACO! we use a frozen chumsicle suspended from the ocean floor for our shark observation dives, we do not associate hands with food.

August 2012 is one of those unique months that will have two full moons. The Full Tropical ‘Fruit’ Moon will be on Wednesday, August 1, and the Full ‘Blue’ Moon will be on Friday, August 31.

Diving and snorkeling by day and watching the sky at night, a perfect combination to enjoy while in Abaco.

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