Abaco Dive Forecast – January 2013

"Hey, time out! I'm making babies!" PHOTO CREDIT: Keith Rogers, DIVE ABACO!
“Hey, time out! I’m making babies!” PHOTO CREDIT: Keith Rogers, DIVE ABACO!

In January, both air and water temperatures have reached their lowest during our tropical Abaco winter. Air temperatures range from a balmy 77 degrees during the day to a comfortable 66 degrees at night. It is the dry season, so skies are typically sunny and blue during the day, and clear and filled with stars at night. Water temperature averages 73 degrees. Only a light, 3mm wetsuit is necessary to provide ample thermal protection. On good weather days, the seas are relatively calm with little or no current. The water is free of the warm-water plankton bloom, clarity is exceptional with visibility reaching 100 plus feet, reef colors are vibrant and fish life is plentiful with tropical fish of all shapes and sizes. Spotted eagle rays and turtles are frequently seen cruising around the reef. The cooler water tends to bring more sharks to the shallower sites, which is a thrill for divers and snorkelers alike, and exceptionally easy to observe.

Saturday, January 26, 11:40 p.m., will bring the Full ‘Moon After Yule’, also referred to as the Full ‘Wolf’ or ‘Snow’ Moon. This is a great time to night dive, but advanced reservations are a must. Nassau grouper are busy spawning, always around the time of the full moon and always in the same locations. A New Year is upon us and, as 2013 begins, DIVE ABACO! celebrates its 35th year in Marsh Harbour with me at the helm for the last 22. It has been a pleasure introducing so many to the splendors of the underwater world of the Abacos.

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