Abaco Dive Forecast – May 2011

The view of an Abaco yellowtail snapper. Photo courtesy of Kay Politano, Abave And Below Abaco.

With water temperatures averaging 80 degrees, May is the beginning of Abaco’s warm-water-diving! The wind is light and variable. The seas are calm, and the visibility is usually a magnificent 100 feet or more.

Air temperatures in the low 80’s nearly match water temperatures making May an exhilarating month to be both above and below the water in Abaco! On land, flowers are blooming everywhere you look. There’s a surge of energy that’s mirrored in life underwater. Corals are beginning to bloom. Silversides once again school in the laser-like rays of sun dancing on the bottom of our fantastic tunnels and caverns. Large numbers of colorful juvenile reef fish are everywhere. And, sea grasses and plants are bright and beautiful! Everything is echoing the message that it’s time to get in the water!

For those looking forward to a long, wonderful season of warm-water-diving, it’s time to dust off your gear, get it serviced by a certified technician, and make your plans. If it’s been a couple years since you’ve been diving it’s also time to brush up on your SCUBA skills with a Refresher Course. And, if you’ve never been diving before, it’s the perfect time to consider taking a full SCUBA Certification Course or Resort Course. All of these courses are available to you right here in Abaco! We love to dive and love seeing new divers discover an amazing new world below Abaco!

Forecast by: Kay Politano
Above And Below Abaco
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