Abaco Dive Forecast – November 2011

Melinda Rogers getting acquainted with a green moray eel, one of the many forms of sea life found in Abaco. Photo credit: DIVE ABACO!

Fall is in the air, and water temperatures continue to slide back a degree or two. November is a delightful time to visit Abaco and we feel especially fortunate that Hurricane Irene did not damage the reef. It remains as beautiful and pristine as ever for divers and snorkelers to enjoy. Average air temperature will range from 71 to 81 degrees with water temperature running 78 to 79 degrees. Yes, it’s time to dig out your wet suit from the back of the closet.

As November progresses, we turn our attention north in anticipation of the first nor’easter tracking its way south. As long as these cold fronts stay to the north of 27N, we are spared their blustery winds and the sea state should be no more than two feet, which translates to excellent diving and visibility with little or no current. Even if one does blow through, it is gone within a day or two and conditions return to normal. During this time, we take advantage of diving the inland blue holes and drift diving at dive sites accessible by land transportation.

Tourism is high during the week of American Thanksgiving, so if you are planning to cook your turkey in Abaco and do some diving, we recommend you email or phone in advance to make reservations.

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