Abaco Dive Forecast – March 2011

Grouper in Abaco preparing for a lunch of silversides in one of the many tunnels. Photo provided by DIVE ABACO!

With one of the coldest winters in history in our rear view mirror, we have been anxiously awaiting signs of warmer days ahead and improving sea conditions. March begins the Abaco tourism season for 2011, not only with the arrival of the snowbirds escaping the snow-bound north but also with the spring breakers visiting from various colleges and universities. As the height of the season begins in May, March and April are great months to become a certified diver.

March 19 will bring us the “full worm moon,” considered to be the last full moon of winter and, as always, a superb time for night diving. Spring officially arrives on March 20 with the spring equinox when the Sun is at the midpoint of the sky and our North Pole tilts towards the Sun. Air temperatures range from 67F at night to 78F during the day. Although the water temperature is on its way up, averaging 75F, we still suggest the thermal protection a wet suit provides. With the absence of algae growth, water clarity for diving in March is outstanding and visibility exceeds 100-plus-feet. The reefs are alive with all the usual tropical reef critters, but there are more frequent encounters with eagle rays, sharks and turtles. Coral heads provide the perfect location to observe the abundance of a variety of juvenile tropical fish following spawning season.

Pack your bags, grab your passport, purchase your airline ticket and plot your destination for 26°32’48″N and 77°03’06″W.

Forecast by: Keith Rogers, DIVE ABACO!
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