Abaco Flats Fishing Forecast – July 2011

July is a great month for bonefishing!

July is a great month for bonefishing. This time of year, there are more and bigger schools, and within those schools are both big and small fish. You’ll also see a lot more mudding going on, which means the bonefish are digging up the bottom looking for crabs or shrimp to eat. Summer fishing provides any angler more of an opportunity to catch a bone. Also on the flats you will see mutton snappers, barracudas and sharks, as well as the occasional permit or tarpon.

Because July days are so hot, we recommend going out as early as possible to take advantageous of the early morning cooler temperatures.

For tackle, I recommend an 8-weight fly rod with a 10-foot, 10-pound leader, and #6 flies in light pink or medium to light tan colours. For a spin rod, use a 6-foot rod outfitted with 10 pound test line. Artificial or live bait will work.

In addition to bonefishing, we also offer snorkeling trips and bottom fishing. So if you want to mix things up, do some fishing the first half of the day and then cool down with a snorkeling trip over Abaco’s beautiful reefs the second half of the day. All it takes is a quick phone call or email.

See you on the water!

FORECAST BY: Donnie and Dana Lowe
Bonefish Heaven
Email: bonefishheaven@coralwave.com
Telephone: (242) 366-2275