Abaco Inshore Forecast – September 2012

Darren Clarke with a 9 pound bonefish caught on a 8-weight fly rod during the last week of July. What a monster! PHOTO CREDIT: Donnie Lowe.

September is a good month for fishing in the morning. You’ll see lots of tailing bonefish in the warm and shallow waters of the Cherokee Flats. Likewise, October will be good fishing as well, but with the waters a little cooler, more schooling fish and permit move onto the flats.

The Marls, located on the south side of the island, will provide much better fishing. The water temperature there is cooler so a lot more fish will come in to feed, including permit. As October moves in, more permit will be spotted on the flats, along with more barracudas, sharks and snappers.

Over the next two months, there will be schools of mudding fish everywhere you go. Size of schools will vary, some low in number, 15 or 20 in the group, up to schools of 100 to 200 fish in each mudd. For those who don’t know what a mudd is, it is an area of disturbed water where the fish are digging up the bottom looking for crabs and shrimp to eat.

Light spin gear, a 6 foot long rod, with 8 to 10 pound test line is our recommendation. Artificial or live bait will work. Or try an 8-weight fly rod with tan or light pink flies.

If headed to Abaco to fish with Bonefish Heaven, what gear you don’t have, we’ll supply.

One bonefishing experience will have you craving for more and it’s just one phone call away!

FORECAST BY: Donnie & Dana Lowe
Bonefish Heaven
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
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