Abaco Offshore Fishing Forecast – March 2011

The “M” in March means “mahi-mahi.”

March is truly a turning point for offshore fishing in the Northern Bahamas. By March, the main thrust of the wahoo season is still strong and will begin to diminish by the end of the month. There should still be plenty of wahoo in the 30-to-50-pound range. March also signals the beginning of the billfish season with the appearance of white marlin and sailfish. The blues generally begin showing up in April, but it doesn’t mean you won’t come across one now.  March also is the traditional beginning of dolphin season with some nice fish averaging 20-to-30-pounds.  Larger fish (50-or-60-pound) are not uncommon. A good standard tackle choice is a 20-to-30-pound lever drag reel, a matched 6-foot stand-up rod and 20-to-30-pound monofilament. For bait, try natural baits rigged on #7 or #8 coffee colored stainless steel wire with 7/0 or 8/0 hook.  The bait may be trolled naked or with a skirt or skirted lure over its head. Trolling speed should be adjusted to the speed that makes the bait look the most natural in the water.  Six to eight knots seems best on average.  In rough sea conditions, you may want to troll down-sea so that the baits stay in the water better.  Look for weed lines, color changes, and any structure or debris that may be floating in the water. Abaco offshore fishing is some of the best in the world. Tournament time is coming up soon. Hope to see you out on the water in Abaco.

Forecast by: CAM STAFF