Abaco SCUBA Conditions & Forecast: January 2015

Happy Holidays from Dive Abaco!
Happy Holidays from Dive Abaco!

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t just doesn’t sound right saying 2015.  After all, it seems like only yesterday we were preparing for the millennium and Y2K.  Maybe time flies for those who enjoy spending as much time as possible underwater!  As DIVE ABACO! begins its 37th year in Marsh Harbour, we still find the reefs and marine life surreal.  The reefs remain alive, healthy and vibrant; the coral formations and swim throughs remain awe-inspiring and magical; and the marine life remains diverse, abundant and colorful.    

January is the dry season, so the air is cool and there is very little humidity.  Daily air temperatures range from a comfortable 66°F at night to a balmy 77°F during the day.  Water temperature is in the low to mid 70°sF, so a 3 mil wetsuit feels good.  

Cold fronts have a tendency to pass through a couple of times during the month, but wind and sea conditions calm down within a day of so after their passing.  On those bumpy days, we enjoy diving the inland blue holes, which are quite fascinating and a dive very few divers get to experience.  

On good weather days, the seas are quite calm with little or no current.  With no concern for algae bloom, visibility will not fail to impress.  The reef is active and alive with tropical fish of all shapes, colors and sizes, and it is also quite common to see sharks and turtles cruising around.  When the sun shines in through the cracks and crevices of the swim throughs, the beam dances on the sandy floor bottom.  The cooler water brings in the larger, pelagic fish and spotted eagle rays along the mini-wall to join the ever present population of friendly grouper (Gidget, Gulliver and Gertie) that live in the protected area of the Fowl Cay National Underwater Park.  Nassau grouper are in one of the peak months of spawning and catching them by any means, anywhere, is prohibited.  For conservation efforts, grouper season is closed from December 01 to February 28.  All adds up to an underwater photographer’s dream.     

Sunday, January 04, 11:54 p.m., will bring us the Full ‘Wolf’ Moon, sometimes referred to as the Full ‘Snow’ Moon.  This is a great time to night dive, but advance reservations are a must.

We wish you and yours a Happy and Healthy New Year – along with a visit to Abaco!