Abaco Scuba Diving Conditions and Forecast: June 2016

A green moray enjoying Abaco’s underwater playground. PHOTO CREDIT: Keith Rogers.
A green moray enjoying Abaco’s underwater playground. PHOTO CREDIT: Keith Rogers.

As we usher in summer 2016, we also usher in the beginning of hurricane season.  Don’t let the often exaggerated weather reports keep you from visiting in June.  Most storms do not present a potential problem until late summer or early fall when water temperature is at its highest.  Weather is now in the summer pattern.  Air temperature and humidity are on the rise, ranging from 70°-82°F with calm to light breezes.  Afternoon showers generally move through quickly and help moderate air temperature, in addition to keeping the island green and the cisterns full.

The island is alive with color; the multi-shades of blue between sea and sky offer an intense contrast to the white, sandy beaches and ever-changing cloud formations.  Fragrant flowers are in full bloom and offer a colorful contrast to the green coconut palms and pine trees.

June is an ideal time to visit Abaco as diving conditions are exceptional. The ocean is amazingly clear, warm and calm – and current is virtually non-existent. Water temperature averages 83°F.  Diving options are diverse and visibility typically exceeds 100 feet giving divers an opportunity to be surrounded by lush coral reefs and abundant marine life. Brilliant colors are everywhere, both in the coral formations and the fish themselves scurrying around the reef and in and out of the coral heads.  Whether snorkeling or diving, your entire family can take part in a water related activity.

Silversides have taken up residence in the tunnels and caverns – and glassy (copper) sweepers will soon.  It is almost hypnotizing to watch them dart with ballet-like precision through the rays of sunlight penetrating the swim-throughs that are so unique to Abaco.

Monday, June 20th, 7:02 a.m., is the Full ‘Strawberry’ Moon. Moon rise is 8:15 p.m.

Remember, Hawaiian sling is the only approved spear fishing device in the Bahamas. Use of SCUBA gear or an air compressor to harvest fish, conch, crawfish and other marine animals is prohibited. Spear fishing is not allowed within 200 yards of any land mass around the Out Islands and spearing or taking marine animals by any means is prohibited within all national underwater parks.

Hope to ‘sea’ you soon…