Abaco Surf Forecast – April 2011

With the transition to spring and summer, which occurs in April, the northeasters of the winter are gone resulting in more pleasant ocean conditions. Like any other surf location, there are good days, great days and days when it is simply best to just kick back and go snorkeling!  Mile for mile, Abaco is blessed with many varied breaks. Want to surf at a crowded hot spot and have to jockey for waves?  You can do that.  Want to have a break all to yourself?  That is possible as well. The spring swell can range from knee high longboard fun waves to righteous 6 foot and clean with gentle offshore winds. Water temperatures will be in the mid-seventies. The Aloha spirit, known to all who have chosen the sport of surfing, is more of a lifestyle, not just a pastime.  As boats arrive to spend time cruising the Islands of the Bahamas, it is always a treat to see the wave riding vehicles they have on board.  From knee boards and longboards to short boards and standup paddleboards, everyone has a preferred way to become one with the waves.  I hope that you soon rediscover Abaco and the surfing adventures to be had on our island, and share our passion for the sea.

FORECAST BY: Christine McCully
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