Andros Fishing Forecast – February 2012

There are always loads of double digit bonefish between the North, Middle and South Bights year-round. However, during the month of February, for no explainable reason, more large bones gather from the front of Tranquility Hill Lodge at the entrance of the North Bight for about two miles into the bight than most any other place on the planet. It is incredible! The fish migrate through the North Bight from the “West Side” through the bight and “huddle” around Buring Piece Point where they lay their spawn among the turtle grass. This happens traditionally when the wind blows in from the northwest, north and northeast. They will travel east, past Cargille Creek and settle into the U.S. Naval Jetty with the low tide. When the tide changes, they will return back around the point. February is when the tarpon season comes alive. Large numbers of tarpon gather on the west side of the island. They travel as far east as the Dressing Room and Blue Creek. These fish range in size from 50 to 250 pounds. This is also the migrating period for the large bluefin tuna through the Tongue of the Ocean and offshore fishing is great off the barrier reef.

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