Andros Fishing Forecast – March 2012

Jimmy and George with a 51 pound wahoo caught along the Tongue of the Ocean in Central Andros. Photo submitted by Shenica Smith.

March is the transition between winter and spring in the Bahamas, so it is kind of an “iffy” month. You may have some of the best days of your fishing career, but then you may have some of the most rugged days you have ever experienced on the water, due to the changes in the weather patterns; some of my best days on the water have been in the month of March. An unusual thing about March is when the migrating schools of large bones are breaking up, and the smaller bones are gathering for the “bibble”, at the same time, the large tarpon start their migration from the areas north of Andros, such as Florida, to the west side of Andros. The large migratory droves of tuna, from the bonitos to the large bluefin, travel their usual route from the north along the Tongue of the Ocean right outside the Great Barrier Reef of Andros, feeding and mating as they travel. They will be in large numbers up until the end of September into October. Whether you are an inshore fan or offshore, Andros in March is a fisherman’s paradise!

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