Andros Fishing Forecast – May 2013


The winter in Andros and the Bahamas was quite warm. This is an indication there were much more breeding/spawning for all types of fish in the area. The winter seems to be more like the spring rather than winter. All snappers are available in great numbers, including mutton, grey, Cubera, yellow and yellowtail. Bonefish will be running in schools much later than the average year. The bibble is expected to start in May/June instead of April/May.

The summer will be less windy, which means that there will be more than the usual amount of “bugs”, the rain will be starting in May and will take us straight through to October.

The shallow water sharks are in greater numbers and so are the tarpon. Permit seem to have increased in the area, maybe because of the warm winter. The water and the atmosphere seem to be indicating that this year will be a mild tropical storm season, but the insects, especially the wasps, are suggesting that there will be a quantity of tropical storm activity. This we don’t have to be overly concerned about because of the modern technology. We can tell a good way in advance of threatening storms. Keep in mind, Tranquility Hill and most of the other lodges will hold your booking and deposit until the threat passes (in the event a tropical storm should cross your booking).

Something new, we now have a dive boat for shallow reef diving and drift fishing or reef fishing as well as done extensive renovations to the lodge. We look forward to your visit!

FORECAST BY: Ray Mackey Tranquility Hill Fishing Lodge
Berhring Point, Andros, Bahamas
Phone/Fax: (242) 368-4132