As we turn the corner into March, anglers from coast to coast are making sure their gear and tackle are ready to go for some great spring fishing. At Keep America Fishing, all indications point to 2017 being a very busy year.

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Pitch It Program Kicks Into High Gear

Two years ago, Keep America Fishing launched a campaign to educate anglers about the importance of properly disposing of worn out soft plastic baits.

Since then, pro and recreational anglers alike have signed the Pledge and are spreading the word about keeping the places we fish clean and litter-free.


Gulf Scandal Looms for South Atlantic

“Chaos reigns in marine fisheries management thanks to a federal agency that advocates for private ownership of America’s public resources,” says Jeff Angers, President for the Center for Sportfishing Policy.


Who Is Getting “Hooked Up” on Gulf Red Snapper?

In the Gulf of Mexico, there’s a little known Federal program that allows a handful of individuals to get rich off a public resource – Gulf red snapper.

Recently, a video series called “Hooked Up” exposed this program and the so-called “Snapper Barons” who benefit from it without lifting a finger.


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