August Page #1

August Page # 1


With the arrival of August, our busy lives get even busier!  Florida Alligator Hunting starts August 15th, and as I’m sure you know, Cary is a Gator Hunt Guide, with about 30 years of experience, and all necessary equipment.  If you won the opportunity to purchase tags, and need help, call us. See page 11.
On August 5th, our 18-year-old grandson, Stephen, leaves for the Navy.  I’m having a difficult time letting him go.  He will always be my baby boy.
Please see page 15 for the Second Annual Outdoor Expo, in Ocala, August 17th.  New advertiser, First Elite Mobile Marine Service on page 19.  They will come to you to fix your boat.  How wonderful is that? See page 10 for new advertiser, Coastal Rod & Reel Repair in Yankeetown. Their name says it all!
See page 2 for this month’s recipe Bay Scallops with Asparagus and Spaghetti.  Scallops are great with anything and everything!

If you haven’t been scalloping yet this year, you have all of August and into September to get your share of these yummy morsels!  If you need help, contact one of our guides.  Most importantly, let our guides and writers know how much you enjoy reading their columns.  They are busy folks and they take their time to share their vast knowledge.  They really appreciate your calls and emails.  Don’t forget to thank the distribution site where you picked up this magazine.

Thank you, John Freeze for photo of shells. What was in those shells?

Enjoy what’s left of summer, and pray for no more hurricanes!