Bahamas Surfing Conditions and Forecast: October 2015

PHOTO: Surf forecast author going left. PHOTO CREDIT: Liz Heiberg-Glucksmann.
PHOTO: Surf forecast author going left. PHOTO CREDIT: Liz Heiberg-Glucksmann.

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ctober usually means cooler weather, cooler water and a chance to chill out before another tourist season. Yes, it’s off-season in the islands for the most part, but the swell gods don’t get that memo. October has many days of rideable swell; like its predecessor collecting the waves from cold fronts to the north and low pressure systems to the east, or even south. As of our mid-month press time storm season had threatened to get wound up, but the dry air and shear generated by the dominant El Nino flow (at least that’s what the meteorologists said) served to dissipate systems before they could produce true ‘swell events.’

But we did get some waves and for those we thank those aforementioned swell gods, especially since none of the storms smacked us on the mouth. All the best to the islands of Dominica and Japan by the way. We always pray for rain here on Eleuthera, just not that much rain!

The North Eleuthera Regatta happens this month in Harbour Island. This brings a surge of domestic tourists to the area and we hope their event is safe and successful and the wind is ample but not too strong. And to segue there, wind is the big factor this month. This is the time of year there’s (usually) plenty of swell but the wind direction and strength seem to blow it to bits a lot of days. So find that differently-positioned headland or cove and while its break may not get the full force of the swell the wind is offshore, the water is blue and hey, you’re surfing in the Bahamas! It just keeps getting better!