Bassmaster Classic 2017 Was Awesome!

by Jay Striker

If you have not got a chance to go to a Bass Master Classic, then it is one show on earth that has to be on your bucket list. The Classic is the Super Bowl of bass fishing, what every angler that competes on the BASS circuits wants to be in. The 2017 Bass Master Classic was held in Houston Texas and was truly a huge attraction. The lake that was fished was Lake Conroe, located just 45 minutes northeast of Houston. The anglers who were able to compete were from around the country and did not disappoint. However, at the end of the final day of the Classic, there could only be one man standing.

The way they had the layout of the Classic was just awesome. Whenever you entered the convention center and walked through the main areas, they had on display all of the previous classic champions on big blue flags that were hanging from the ceiling.  Just outside the convention were a lot of activities for the fans to enjoy like a fishing area for the kids, jumping competition for the dogs and plenty of food to enjoy. One on the neat things about the Bass Master Classic is the Expo. All of the fans get the opportunity to buy all of the products right on site with many of the fishing items getting their first debut. When I tell you that they had just about everything you could imagine there, I mean it. Rods, reels, fishing line, Nitro Z-Series boats, tires, coolers, Fish Head lures, and the list goes on and on.

The 50 plus anglers who were fishing in the Classic were the best of the best, and fishing Lake Conroe turned out to be a lake that you could easily catch a 15-20 pound bag of fish a day. During the competition of the Classic the wind picked up a bit and made the fishing a bit tough. Angler Brent Ehrler had led the tournament for most of the first two days and looked as if he could win it all. However, I have seen too often where the tide of the battle could turn, and for one angler it did. The winner, Jordon Lee, who was in 12th place on the last day, found a way to come from behind to win it all. Wow, it just goes to show that in bass fishing it could be anybody’s day to win, and as the saying goes, never give up.

In closing I want to say that if you have never been to the Bass Master Classic, this is one show you have to attend, because it will be one you will never forget. Perhaps one day in the near future you just might see me up there competing in the greatest show on earth in bass fishing. The next Bass Master Classic will be on Lake Hartwell, SC, and I’m sure that it will be just as good if not better than this one that was held in Houston, TX.

Striker Nation, I enjoyed meeting with all of you that came up to me at the Classic, and I look forward to seeing you again next year.