Technology and Angling

by Andrew A. Cox Technology has had an enormous impact upon fishing. Comparing angling oriented catalogs from the late 20th … October 28, 2017

Burnin’ The Midnight Oil

by Ryan Kennedy  The stars are out, the crickets are chirping and the moon is shining down on a glittery … October 28, 2017

What’s all the Buzz About?

by Jay Striker Fall has descended upon us once again. As a bass angler I have to pay close attention … October 28, 2017

It’s Hunting Season but What About the Boat! 

by Capt. Jake Davis While fishing the other day with a client (imagine that, me fishing), we observed the turning … October 28, 2017


Angler Magazine November 2017-1

SW Georgia Fishing Reports & Forecasts

Lake Harding

By Steve McCorkle “Colonel” This year has certainly been a little different. The weather has been warmer and stayed … October 28, 2017

West Point

by Keith Hudson  Bass: GOOD – Thankful to finally see the cooler temps at the end of October!  With the … October 28, 2017

Reports By Area

Lake Eufaula

by Capt Sam Williams Water temperature: mid 80’s, water level: 188.62 msl, water clarity: slight stain to clear. The unusually … October 28, 2017

Lake Martin

by Capt David Hare I am very pleased to say that October was a very good month for us catching … October 28, 2017