Batten Down the Hatches

OK, so most of us know that a storm can bring some REALLY great fishing conditions and there are others that focus on surfing the waves. That’s great and all but we must remember that the safety of family and friends comes first. Once that is covered, I wish you a safe adventure during Hurricane Irma if you’re surfing or fishing. In addition, please don’t forget to recycle all the water bottles and other household items leftover from the storm.

Protect Our Waters FUNdraiser is right around the corner. We are currently looking for sponsors, auction items and people that want to come out and have a fun time. There will be plenty of entertainment including live music, hula dancers and a live auction to get your blood flowing. This is AFC’s biggest fundraiser and helps sustain the programs we provide to the community at no cost. For more information, check out our website or contact me directly at mike@anglersforconservation. org.

Lines In The Lagoon is coming up this month. It is a tri-county (Brevard, Indian River and St Lucie)  youth fishing tournament run by some great young anglers in the area. AFC will be in the house during the event, and there will be plenty of cool raffle items and more. The best thing about this youth tournament is that it collects fish data for our treasured Indian River Lagoon. This will become handy when looking at stats and the future of our fishery. There are limited spots so get your kids registered today.

Lastly, where would our fishery be without the little guys?  I’m talking about the forage fish that support the predator food chain we are driven to chase? The acrobatic tarpon, the hammering barracuda, the tug of war with a grouper, these are some of the fish that help get our blood flowing. These predator fish rely on the smaller fish and in the end, they create a spectacular fishery in the state of Florida.  Anglers are seen most often at meetings for Red Snapper regulations or more recently the spotted seatrout meetings. It is great to stand up and represent the gamefish that call Florida home, but we also need to stand up and speak on behalf of the little guys. Please consider attending the Menhaden Meeting in Melbourne, so these fish stand a chance. Without a healthy menhaden population, we will start to see the ripple effect in our gamefish.

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Mike Conneen
Executive Director

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