Bimini Dive Forecast – July 2013

The spotted wild dolphins of Bimini enjoy the warm and clear summer waters. PHOTO CREDIT: Grant Johnson.
The spotted wild dolphins of Bimini enjoy the warm and clear summer waters. PHOTO CREDIT: Grant Johnson.

The stunning and tranquil islands of the Bimini’s swarm with underwater activity in July. The southeasterly trade winds settle into their summer routines, providing calm clear days almost all month long. Water temperatures have climbed up to the mid 80’s and wetsuits have long been retired. The occasional afternoon thunderstorm is all the weather you have to worry about this month, and those are usually over shortly after they begin. One of the best dive sites in Bimini is Bull Run, and the calm waters of July often offer the perfect day to make the 14 mile run south of Bimini Harbor. Teeming with reef sharks, and black tips, it’s an adrenaline filled and gorgeous, healthy reef in roughly 45 to 50 feet of water. Swim-throughs and miniature caverns often fill up with silversides as shark silhouettes cruise above you. We even spotted a lone greater hammerhead recently. This is certainly a dive to not be missed if at all possible. The wild spotted dolphins of Bimini seem to get more playful as the water warms up, and are always a great way to spend the afternoon after some amazing morning dives. With the warm water of July, and the even warmer air, I find night dives even more appealing this month. If your skill level is up to it, and the current is not overwhelming, the Bimini Barge offers the perfect late night relief from the heat. “Wilbur”, the resident Goliath grouper that lives there, is often sleeping in the sand just of the south end of the barge, along with more than a few big black groupers tucked around the edge of the barge. Every rusted out hole, and overhang on the barge seem to have huge midnight and blue parrot fish jockeyed into their favorite sleeping spots. Enormous spider crabs, slipper (or shovelnose) lobsters, and spiny lobsters are all out scavenging for grub. The coolest resident of the Bimini Barge that only seems to hang out with us at night is affectionately referred to as “stinky”. He is the biggest reef octopus anyone I know has ever seen, and watching him flare up, and change colors is nothing short of amazing. Just ask anyone who has seen it, or better yet, go see for yourself!

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