Bimini Dive Forecast – June 2013

Sting rays at Honeymoon Harbour. PHOTO CREDIT: Grant Johnson.
Sting rays at Honeymoon Harbour. PHOTO CREDIT: Grant Johnson.

What a fantastic month June is for scuba diving, snorkeling, and spearfishing in the Bahamas, especially in Bimini! The water temperatures of June could be the best of the whole year, ranging from low-80s in the beginning of the month, to mid-80s at the end. With these types of temperatures, all we wear is a shorty, or a rash guard. However, you should still bring your 3mm suit if you have the tendency to get chilly and are doing repetitive days of diving. The winds in June have settled into their southeasterly norms, which tends to translate into calm waters. The only down side of June, are the afternoon storms that tend to occur this time of year. Most of the storms are quick moving, and don’t last too long, but they drop lots and lots of water. Luckily Bimini isn’t a huge land mass, and the Gulfstream is near, but we can still get run-off on the close to shore sites from the rain that can severely reduce the visibility. So check the tides, and plan your shallower or close-to-shore dives near the end of high tide, to help avoid muddy water if it has been raining.

As far as critters go, June is an exciting month. The mutton snapper schoolings are reaching their peak this month, and to see schools of over 100 of these gorgeous fish, roam the reefs like a pack of hunting wolves, is impressive. The pods of spotted dolphin begin to settle in to their routines, and become even more predictable to find. With the southeast light winds, Honeymoon Harbor becomes such a great spot to spend some time hanging out with all the spotted stingrays that make the famous harbor their home. For families with mixed levels of experience, ask your local operator to take you on a Three S’s Tour. That is the Sapona, Sharks, and Stingrays all on one half day trip. You can snorkel or dive and see so much of what Bimini has to offer with the whole family.

Sea turtle face-off. Photo credit: Grant Johnson.
Sea turtle face-off. Photo credit: Grant Johnson.

My favorite sea creature that roams Bimini’s beautiful reefs in June are sea turtles. We get hawksbill, big loggerheads, and green turtles in impressive numbers all month. They are often curious if approached slowly, and even friendly. Some of the species are mating this month, which can lead to some interesting cases of mistaken identity, and often very close encounters. Hawksbill Reef (aptly named) in North Bimini, and Tuna Alley off Cat Cay are some of the more likely places to encounter these amazing animals.


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