Bimini Dive Forecast – April 2011

Neal Watson and Guy Harvey exploring Bimini.

Ahhh April….

With the premier dive sites located on the west side of the Bimini Island chain and the prevailing winds from the east, it is a pretty good bet that most of the year you are going to have excellent diving conditions.  However, in the winter when the jet stream dips south and the occasional cold front passes through the Northern Bahamas, with it come the west winds which play havoc on the diving and fishing. Fortunately the cold fronts pass  quickly and within a couple of days the winds have returned to the eastern quadrant and the seas are once again flat. With the arrival of March the cold fronts become weaker and rarely get as far south as the Bahamas, so from now through the fall the diving conditions should be excellent!

With the warmer weather also comes the warmer seas, but don’t put away that 3mm wetsuit just yet.  Bimini is unique because the Gulfstream eddies in within a mile of the island keeping the deeper water warm, whereas the shallow water is cooled down by the air temperature.  So in Bimini the deeper you go the warmer the water is.  For April you can expect the water temperatures on the deeper reefs to be in the upper seventies and on the shallow reefs the mid-seventies.

Safe diving!

FORECAST BY:  Neal Watson
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