Bimini Inshore Fishing Forecast – August 2012

In August, there are still plenty of permit, tarpon, barracuda and shark around for diversion. PHOTO CREDIT: Florent’s Guide to The Florida, Bahamas & Caribbean Reefs.

By the time August rolls around, the waters surrounding Bimini have pretty much reached their warmest temperatures. Like all creatures big and small, there is only so much “heat” fish can take before they seek cooler water, a different location or even migrate out of the area. No question that bonefish seek out the deeper waters during the month of August. During these warm times, the bones will be most likely found in waters 6 to 12 feet deep so do not spend lots of time in the “skinny water”. Even though they are in the deeper water, they will still surface to feed on the floating “free lunch buffet”. You will want to spend time seeking these schools that are surface feeding in the deeper water. Typically a productive location is around the North Bimini Point. Should you observe “mudding” activity you will know that they are bottom feeding and select your baits appropriately. There are still plenty of permit, tarpon, barracuda and shark for diversion. For some reef and bottom fishing, the area around Table Rock has been productive, lots of yellowtail snapper and amberjack.

Don’t let the August heat slow down your fishing. There is still a lot of fishin’ and catchin’ action in The Bimini’s.

FORECAST BY: Bonefish Ebbie
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