Bimini Inshore Fishing Forecast – July 2011

In addition to large numbers of bonefish on the flats, permit are being caught in increasing numbers and they are good size.

When your island is surrounded by extensive mangrove and flats habitat, it is quite easy to take excellent bonefishing for granted. Not so to Biminites or the visiting angler to North or South Bimini. We are now in the early phase of summer and things literally “heat up.” This month, increasing water temperatures will move the bonefish to deeper holes during the midday. When fishing in deeper water, make the presentation with a longer lead that gives the fly time to sink to the bottom or very close to it and use a slightly heavier fly than you would in skinny water. Don’t start the retrieve too early. Since a fly for deeper water is usually larger than a skinny-water pattern, it probably imitates something that swims a bit faster, so in deep water, use a faster, more aggressive retrieve.

In addition to large numbers of bonefish currently on the flats, permit have been caught in increasing numbers and they are good size. Last, there are plenty of snapper around the local reefs should you care to do a little reef fishing.

Coming to Bimini in the summer can be a great change of pace. Come and enjoy our fishing and friendly hospitality. No one ever leaves, they simply “go to come back”.

FORECAST BY: Bonefish Ebbie
Ebbie’s Bonefish Club
Bimini, Bahamas
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