Bimini Inshore Fishing Forecast – March 2011

Spring is in the air and it would appear to be in the water as well. As the days grow longer, the bonefish seem to sense changes are on the way. While bonefish are always spooky, as the season changes from winter to spring, they seem to be even more skittish and harder to find.  But that is what makes the sport and with an experienced guide at the helm, you can have a great time. The best time to hit the flats is mid-day.  The fish are coming out to the center of the flats to feed. A sure sign is to look for mudding where the fish are feeding. As always, crab and shrimp are the natural baits of choice. If using artificials, flies which mimic the real thing, will do the trick. For a diversion, you can head just offshore to Turtle Rocks located to the south of South Bimini. There, along the reef, you will find snapper (lane and yellowtail) along with lots of grouper. Since the reef borders the drop-off, you never know that may happen. Recently, while fishing in the Turtle Rocks area, we had a king mackerel hook-up, which literally destroyed the light spinning reel, but what a fight!  In case you are wondering, you will not generally find any turtles at Turtle Rocks. The area is so-named because of the large brain coral that become visible at low tide looking like the backs of large sea turtles.  Hope to see you in Bimini soon!

Forecast By: Bonefish Ebbie
Ebbie’s Bimini Bonefish Club, Bimini, Bahamas
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