Bimini Offshore Fishing Forecast – November 2011

Capt. Billy Black and Savannah Snow with her 66 pound wahoo. Photo courtesy of Capt. Black.

November marks the time when strong cold fronts will start making their way through the Florida peninsula and the Northern Bahamas. Wahoo season is here in earnest. Also, some blue marlin and white marlin will be showing up eating the small blackfin tuna that will be coming through the area as well. The small blackfin will be great live bait for big blues.

Your best bet for wahoo will be a combo rig. A heavy head lure with a double hook wahoo belly strip behind it or a large ballyhoo. The best lure colors are black and red or black and purple. I like to troll at 9 or 10 knots with a heavy lead (24 or 32 ounces), 30 feet in front of the bait. Use two feet of heavy wire or cable on the rig to avoid cut offs. I use a barrel swivel and then 25 feet of 200 pound monofilament to complete the leader length needed for wiring a big wahoo.

Troll water depths from 150 to 600 feet back and forth. If you have a downrigger it will work well when they are not biting on the surface. For blackfin tuna, small feathers and spoons work great.

Catch ‘em up!

FORECAST BY: Capt. Billy Black
Bimini Big Game Club/Guy Harvey Outpost Resort
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