Bimini Offshore Forecast – May 2011

Capt. Billy Black with a big 42-pound bull dolphin caught on ‘El Viego’ in 1,900 feet of water northeast of Bimini about 8 miles out.

With spring getting ready to turn into early summer, the “big game is on!” Over the past two weeks, blue marlin have been seen more frequently in the spread and some have been caught. In addition to the blues, white marlin have been raised over the last week. All signs appear to promise blue marlin fishing in May is going to “turn on” off the shores of Bimini! Allison tuna and blackfin tuna fishing will be good to excellent. The sea birds are showing up in larger numbers following the skipjacks and blackfin tuna. The dolphin bite will continue to be strong in May and they will have some size to them. No one should go hungry this month!

Scott Salazar, mate on ‘Flow Control’ out of Palm Beach, with a 54-pound grouper.

The water temperature is pushing over the 80 degree mark and the Gulf Stream current has been running about two to three knots. May weather is typically very good, with minimal chances of afternoon thunder storms, making for a great day offshore. I have been using lures of all sizes for the tuna, dolphin and marlin. The fish must be hungry because they are all working! One technique that has been very successful is to run a medium ballyhoo way back on the on the center rigger. This seems to be a “failsafe” for fish that miss the main spread.

Catch’em up!

FORECAST BY: Captain Billy Black
Bimini Big Game Club/Guy Harvey Outpost Resort
Alice Town, North Bimini, Bahamas
Phone: (242) 347-3391 Cell: (242) 559-6513