N. Indian River Lagoon Fishing Forecast: Dec 2013

It’s December and I’m always unsure as to what Mother Nature will throw at us. So far November (writing mid-month) has been rather windy. I do, however, expect this and have learned to deal with it. November seems to be a transitional month (weather wise) for our fishing.Nov 25th, 2013

North Indian River Lagoon Fishing Report: Nov 2013

With the redfish spawn basically behind us what should we look forward to now? Cooler weather for sure and hopefully without too much wind. November is notoriously windy and signals a real transition in seasons and weather patterns. Oct 25th, 2013

N. Indian River Lagoon Forecast: Oct 2013

As I write these few paragraphs it is the middle of September and it’s still hot on Florida’s Space Coast. I find myself looking forward to October as it is easily my favorite month for fishing here.Sep 26th, 2013

IRL Fishing Report: Sept 2013

During the month of September, anglers can enjoy some quality fishing throughout our region. As summer vacations come to and a new school year begins, anglers will have a better opportunity to catch some fish. This is a result of decreased boating and fishing pressure.Sep 22nd, 2013

N. Indian River Lagoon Fishing Forecast: Sept 2013

The redfish breeding season is typically most active in September and October. Some fish will get an earlier start while some will linger into November. There are no hard and fast rules as to exactly when, where or how often an active spawn will take place. It is common belief that New Moon and Full Moon phases dictate the most activity. I personally believe this to be true even in our land-locked and non-tidal area.Aug 26th, 2013

S. Indian River Fishing Forecast: August 2013

The Docks from Mathers bridge north to Pineda on the Banana River and docks on the Indian River Lagoon from Rockledge to Cocoa have been producing a good number of small snook, mangrove snapper, redfish and trout.Jul 26th, 2013

N. Indian River Lagoon Forecast: August 2013

It’s redfish spawning season in our local waters of the North Indian River Lagoon. Actually, the main spawn is likely to be September & October with a few early spawners in mid to late August. Jul 26th, 2013

North Indian River Lagoon Fishing Forecast: July 2013

Full blown summer is here all and low water levels with warm water temperatures are in our future for the next few months. Getting on the water early will undoubtedly be a key factor for anglers serious about fishing the flats.Jul 1st, 2013

North Indian River Lagoon Fishing Forecast: June 2013

What can I say? It’s June and everything is alive and in motion in the North Indian River Lagoon! Water … May 31st, 2013

N. Indian River Lagoon Fishing Forecast: May 2013

Get ready all, May is here and I expect the fingerling mullet will be here too! Yes, we’ve been seeing … Apr 29th, 2013