North Indian River Lagoon Fishing Report: October 2015

October is my favorite month for fishing in Florida... period. Why? Simply put; October’s weather is as near perfect as we’re likely to experience in Florida. Warm days and cooling nights are tough to complain about and I believe the fish feel the same way.Oct 1st, 2015

N. Indian River Lagoon Report: Sept. 2015

Lot’s to talk about right now. It is mid- August at the time of this writing and fishing in the … Sep 10th, 2015

North Indian River Lagoon Fishing Report: August 2015

A ugust is obviously a hot month with daytime air temperatures constantly in the 90 degree range and water temps … Aug 1st, 2015

N. Indian River Lagoon Report: July 2015

Summer is in full swing and July will likely offer plenty of heat and afternoon thunderstorms. A few years ago … Jul 2nd, 2015

North Indian River Lagoon Fishing Report: June 2015

There is some good news as well as a bit of bad news for this June if fishing the north end of the Indian River is in your plans.Jun 1st, 2015

N. Indian River Lagoon Forecast: May 2015

Whether you consider May as the middle of spring season or the early stages of summer you can bet the … May 1st, 2015

N. Indian River Lagoon Fishing Report: April 2015

I’m asked on a regular basis what time of year offers our best fishing for redfish and other shallow water … Mar 29th, 2015

North Indian River Lagoon Fishing Report: February 2015

Well, it appears as winter has us in its hold with low water levels and cold water temperatures. Predictably, cold fronts are moving through on a fairly regular basis. The regularity of these fronts helps take the guesswork out of planning our excursions onto the shallows!Feb 1st, 2015

North Indian River Lagoon Fishing Report: January 2014

Happy New Year, Gang! I hope you’ll spend another year with us at Coastal Angler Magazine. We would not be here if not for you in the fishing community and your support.Dec 30th, 2014

North Indian River Lagoon Fishing Report: December 2014

While the calendar might suggest December is winter’s beginning our local fishery often proves otherwise. Sure, we’ve already experienced several cold fronts between late October and early November. However, the weather quickly rebounds afterward and daytime temperatures climb back into the eighty degree range; hardly winter-like. Also, as of the time of writing this forecast in early November the water temps in the Titusville area are still reaching into the low to mid seventy degree range, again; hardly winter-like. Past December’s have more often than not provided us with superb weather conditions for at least half of the month with little wind and slight warming trends as compared to November’s typically windy and cool conditions. If we see this weather pattern again this year be prepared for great fishing on the shallows. Unless winter’s cold comes very early we should still have a fair supply of mullet and pinfish wandering the flats giving our redfish and seatrout plenty to eat. Our local shrimp run should be gearing up adding another important item to the fish’s menu. Soon, shrimp, crabs and other crustaceans will become the preferred food items on the flats. If we are granted Central Florida’s version of “Indian Summer” this December be prepared for schooling activity by the redfish AND tailing activity as well. Yes, I know these characteristics can happen all year. However, during this time frame and assuming a beneficial weather pattern the fish become aggressive... very aggressive! Be prepared for lots of small groups of reds with a few fish to a few dozen head per school. As an added bonus expect to see more than a few gator trout either in small groups with most of fish of similar size or a single or pair mixing in with the marauding redfish!Dec 1st, 2014