Cedar Key Fishing Report

Hello everybody!  I hope all is well–and it is in Cedar key Florida!  Well at least, better than last year.  Hurricane Hermine’s damage is about all fixed, better than ever, so please do not hesitate to come visit and wet a line.  Late July and August were phenomenal for red fish.  There was a variety of different tackle and baits that did well, but by far, the best was a Cajon Thunder, with about two feet of fluorocarbon, a 3/0 J hook and a live large minnow or pin fish.  If there were a redfish there, they couldn’t stand it, and not only hit it, but hit it hard!  I had the pleasure of taking out a few friends and some new friends here recently, and there are very few things I love more than watching and listening to the funny sounds someone makes when they hook into their first monster red.  Google maps is an amazing free app on all smart phones.  Do yourself a favor and pull it up, switch the screen to satellite. You can zoom in and even see under the water.  Now when you get into the fish you like, drop a pin on that spot.  Screen shot it, and later go back on a bigger screen and see if you can see why they are there, and if you do, look around and see if you see any other areas that look the same.  It is a great tool to help you find your next honey-hole. Hopefully those big ol’ gator trout are out and about doing their thing, and don’t forget to swing in the shop for the latest hot spots and tricks.  Always find a way to take a kid fishing!   Check us out on Instagram @thereal_c_world  and Facebook