Cedar Key Paddling


It has been quite unusual this past month being out on the water fishing.  Besides a few other local boats, I have the whole place to myself.  The bite has been great with all the glass minnows, pin fish, and other bait fish here to fill the bellies of our favorite target species.  I have been able to slow down and look at things a little longer and closer.  One example of the things I have noticed is the amount of damage the Cormorant has been doing to our mangroves.  They have almost killed Deadman’s Key, a favorite redfish spot.  These birds are for some reason protected. Why are they? They are not even close to being extinct!  These birds eat their body weight daily, and the state of Florida acts like we eat our body weight of wildlife daily.  It makes me sad that we pay our hard-earned money to certain agencies to fish and enjoy nature, and, in my opinion, these agencies do not look out for our best interests. Maybe one day sooner than later, I hope I will see everybody back out on the water doing what they love to do.  Hopefully, by the time this article hits the stands, those days will be back. I hope you taught, and are teaching these kids to fish.

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