Cedar Key Paddling


The heat is on here at the end of July,¬†heading into August. ‚ÄĮI hope everyone is staying hydrated and cool. Let’s talk shrimp.¬†Where did all the shrimp go? ‚ÄĮIf you have found yourself frustrated because you cannot buy the bait shrimp you want,¬†and or they are small, there is a reason. ‚ÄĮEvery year around the 4th of July, the¬†majority of the shrimp head off shore, leaving behind¬†the much smaller shrimp. Try not to take it out¬†your frustration¬†on your local bait shops;¬†believe me we do not like this¬†situation¬†either. ‚ÄĮGood news is,¬†they should be back to normal,¬†like every year,¬†around September. ‚ÄĮIf you are one of the many who¬†do not get the bait shrimp you want, do not overlook the power of the live mud minnows and pin fish. ‚ÄĮI have caught most of my biggest redfish on these two great baits. ‚ÄĮOther than that,¬†it is a great time to work some new plastics and other flashy¬†top-waters and spoons.

Of course,¬†scallop season is still in full swing.¬†¬†I hope that they, as I write,¬†have made their way into our Cedar Key waters,¬†‚Äėcause¬†I am hungry for some of those¬†delicious bite-sized¬†pieces of heaven.¬†When you come to Cedar Key, stop and ask for an accurate update on the best scalloping spots.¬†‚ÄĮPlease be safe and always try to¬†find a way to take a kid or two with you,¬†when you are headed¬†to your favorite fishing spot. ‚ÄĮCheck us out at @thereal_c_world¬†on Instagram and Facebook! e