Central Florida Freshwater Fly Fishing

Best Time: Afternoon
Surface Temp: 75-77 degrees
Clarity: Medium Tannic-18”

Tip of the Week: The fish are in the shallows around points of structure early in the morning, during the heat of the day they are deep around the humps, then are staying in the offshore weedlines feeding in the evening. The key is to find the fish. This time of year the bass seem to be sporadically spread around the lake.
Techniques: Starting the day around docks with both poppers and weighted streamers have been producing a consistant bite. Focus on the docks that have minimal weeds underneath and nearby, also fish the nearshore cover such as wood cover, and bullrushes. The larger fish are deeper and will be found off the humps and dropoffs. Towards the evening begin to cast to the offshore weedlines with weighted streamers that mimic shad, or brightly colored to contrast with the tannic water. The dusk frog bite has been hot as well. The bream are still shallow and are feeding on damselfly nymphs, mayfly nymphs, small streamers, and poppers. The panfishing is getting pretty good, and will continue to produce fish.
With the upcoming rain our water levels will begin to slowly creep back up. Find shelter from the wind and keep moving to try to cover as much water as possible. Focus on structure early, and start to make the transition to offshore points later in the evening. The fish will be spread out all over this time of year, once a solid pattern is found continue to follow that pattern.
Hotspots: Saddle Creek, Teneroc, Lake Elbert, Lake Haines, Lake Buckeye.

Hunter Towery
Peace Creek Guide Service