Central Florida Freshwater Fly Fishing Hunter Towery 7/17

Best Time: Early Morning -Late Afternoon
Surface Temp: 80F • Clarity: Medium Tannic-18”

Tip of the Week: Fish frog poppers early around the lily pads, the bass will begin to transition to deeper water by the afternoon so either find the schooling bass and throw shad patterns near the busting fish, or drag heavy streamers around grass lines and drop-offs. In the evening it has been similar to the morning, fish in the lily pads at dawn and dusk with weedless poppers and divers. When the bass are schooling fish between the schools to not spook the fish and cast around the activity, be wary not to scare off the fish by moving on top of the school. Sandy bottoms have been key, with bass being on the prowl for Baitfish, they are staying right off the sand and ambushing prey that strays too close. Be on the lookout for big mayflies and dragon flies these have been productive in catching the Panfish. With warming water temperatures the Panfish bite has been increasing, with popper droppers and small streamers begin the most productive. Basically downsize the Bass patterns to suit the Panfish. Dry flies and poppers fished near bulrushes and lily pads will call up the bluegill and they will happily oblige in crushing your poppers. You can fish them alone or with a small muddler minnow as the dropper to fish more of the water column. If they seem to be wanting a smaller dropper then a smaller Pheasant Tail in a size 10 or 12 will trick the more wary fish.

Techniques: Start the day with top water since the bass have been shallow early, then transition to weighted streamers by mid-afternoon, then back to top water in the evening to round out the day. Try to find moving water such as canal mouths or drainage pipes, these locations have been key in finding fish in the hotter parts of the day.
Hot Spots: Saddle Creek, Lake Mirror, Lake Spring, Teneroc, Lake Haines, Lake Elbert, Lake Shipp.


Hunter Towery
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